Young American DJ Beginning To Give Up Hope After Not Making Top...

Young American DJ Beginning To Give Up Hope After Not Making Top 100 DJs in First Year


A young American DJ is beginning to give up hope of ever making it in the music industry after failing to make the DJ Mag Top 100 DJs list in his first year.

Brad Wallace, fifteen, is said to be completely disillusioned with DJing after making a “real effort” to break into the Top 100 DJs and is now believed to be considering careers in professional sport and Hollywood acting.

“What’s the point of practicing something for an hour a day, four days a week if it doesn’t pay off straight away,” asked a dejected Brad earlier today. “If I’d played DJ Hero for the same amount of time as I’d played with Traktor I’d have finished it on the hardest level, yet here I am, not in the Top 100 DJs, no money and no pussy. This is shit.”

“I may as well be in the glee club for the amount of good being a DJ has done for me,” he continued angrily. “I’m nearly as old as Martin Garrix and I haven’t achieved anything. I’m not getting any younger so if this DJing thing doesn’t start paying off soon I’m going to have sit down and completely rethink my situation.”

“Realistically, I’ll probably give it another year,” he said while calming down and coming to his senses. “But if I’m not in the top 100, actually scratch that, top 50 next year then I’ll just have to accept that it’s not going to work out for me and do something else. I’m going to save up all my pocket money for three weeks and hire a ghostwriter to make some music for me.”

“It’s worked for practically everyone else in the EDM industry so if that doesn’t push me over the line nothing will.”

Friends of Mr. Wallace have confirmed that the fifteen year old is an “alright” DJ and after one year’s practice he is “probably better than 75% of the Djs” already on the dJ Mag Top 100.