It is rare in the EDM scene to find a duo that not only contributes equally in the studio with their productions, but also contributes equally on stage in front of a crowd.

Krillz & Kontrol, aka TRPMSTR, are the exceptions. Normally when you see two EDM guys on stage together, one of them is standing there doing nothing while the other is doing all the work (if anything other than pushing play). That is not the case with this dynamic duo. Their live shows are filled with unparalleled energy that takes the listener on a ride like no other. They flawlessly play off each other, layering beats, sounds and vocals in a style all their own.

Both Krillz & Kontrol are internationally known DJs who are deeply rooted in hip hop. For over three years, Krillz has been the official DJ for the legendary group 8-Ball & MJG, touring all over the world and sharing the stage with the biggest names in hip hop. During the same time, Kontrol has worked closely with the undisputed King of the Club Lil Jon, releasing dozens of remixes and collaborations. While other Trap groups rely on gimmicks and marketing to gain acceptance in this growing genre, TRPMSTR use their skill and unmatched knowledge of music to make their presence known.

When these two began creating Trap music, the genre didn’t even have a name. In fact, when they first began playing their tracks for Lil Jon years ago, they were still calling them “Crunk”. They have always been on the cutting edge and, as DJs, are both tastemakers in their own right. With support from DJs as big as Tiesto, the sky is the limit as these guys redefine what a group in EDM can be.

How did you get into the industry?

Krillz: I was in a band, so when I moved to ATL djing was an option to continue pursuing music so I went at it full steam.

Kontrol: I started DJing frat parties in college but during that time I went to my first rave & heard Florida Breaks. Shortly after that I started producing Breakbeats which was the beginning of my career as a touring EDM DJ/ producer.

We always love to hear those kinds of stories. How do you maintain the classic elements of your style with the ever changing demands of electronic dance music?

Krillz: Just make music that feels good to us. I know that when I really love the track the world will as well. My style is constantly evolving and changing so I would say the music and my self are evolving together.

Kontrol: The sounds used in dance music change fairly quickly. For our tracks I like to combine current sounds I like along with others that have a more timeless feel to them so that the song doesn’t sound dated years after we made it.

What is your favorite part of touring?

Krillz: Meeting different people and trying new food.

Kontrol: The shows are my favorite part. Getting that energy from a crowd & then giving it back to them tenfold is the best & most addictive high I have ever experienced.

Is there a specific show that has stood out to you and why?

Krillz: ALASKA – the fans were on point and the energy at that show was amazing!!!

Kontrol: I have to agree with Krillz there. The Alaska show on Halloween 2014 was real special because it was the furthest we had ever traveled to do a show & the fans in Anchorage definitely came to party that night!

Can you give us a sneak peek at what new releases you have coming out this year and what we can expect to see from You?

Krillz: We have an EP coming out and lots of singles. I would expect to have some good music coming your way soon. You can expect to see us at more shows throwing down even harder this year!

Kontrol: I don’t want to give away too much but we have a bunch of collaborations with MCs we grew up listening to. Hearing these legends over our beats really makes things come full circle.

EDM has been changing rapidly over the past few years. What are your thoughts on the massive explosion in popularity and where do you see the scene going in the future?

Krillz: I like that music goes in swings, ups and downs. Popularity comes and goes but I like when attention is brought to a form of art and the artists push hard to elevate it. The more popularity has just shown the world who the real creative and talented people are.

Kontrol: I think the massive explosion is a great thing because it breeds a new generation that will grow up with EDM. Unlike most genres of music the majority of Artists do most of their work with just a laptop. The tools we have for production today are limitless. I don’t think the song formats will change much but in the future we will hear new sounds unlike anything our ears have heard before.

What advice do you have for any up & coming DJs and producers if they want to be successful and lastly, do you have anything you want to say to your fans?

Krillz: Stay true to you. Don’t worry about them. It’s your show not theirs… And to the fans we love you we are very thankful!! Say hello give us a hi five let’s be friends.

Kontrol: My advice to up and coming DJs & producers is to LOVE MUSIC. I have tons of friends who do this & the common thread with all of them is that we can sit around & talk about music all day long. Take what influences you & merge it with what you want to hear more of in the club and let that be your style. It might take time to develop that but as you grow as a DJ or producer you will find your way for sure. To all our fans I would like to say thank you for rocking with us & buckle up for the ride because there is so much more on the horizon!