Scouse Gangster Who Thinks He Is A Horse Threatening To Clip Klopp

Scouse Gangster Who Thinks He Is A Horse Threatening To Clip Klopp


A Scouse gangster who has taken so much ketamine that he now thinks he is a horse has threatened to clip Liverpool Football Club’s German manager, Jurgen Klopp.

William Billy Boyle, or Shadow as he is known in equestrian circles, made the threats against Mr. Klopps life during a, still ongoing, ketamine binge on Sunday afternoon.

One eyewitness described the events, Well I was sitting in the pub watching the Liverpool match on Sunday and there was a table full of dodgy looking blokes in the corner who seemed to be really enjoying themselves.

One of the men, who seemed to be their ringleader, was really loud, he kept disappearing into the toilets and every time he came back out he’d be walking around on his hands and knees and he’d be neighing instead of talking, continued the witness. It was really weird, like he thought he was a horse.

One minute he’d be talking normally with his friends and the next he’d be galloping around the pub trying to jump over fences, added the source. I’ve never seen anyone act that way before but it wasn’t until Liverpool conceded a late goal to Southampton that he really started to go crazy.

He was standing in the middle of the pub shouting things like you’re a dead man Klopp or I’m going to clip Klopp it was very intimidating and I was quite scared, revealed the anonymous witness. But eventually he quietened down and went back to acting like a horse. He even gave my ten year old son a quick ride around the car park.

According to sources close to the Liverpool manager, Klopp is believed to be unconcerned by the gangster’s threatsas the majority of Liverpool fans and horses lack the brain power needed to carry out a high profile assassination.

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