Akadian [Interview]


Tell us about your journey. How did you get into Electronic Dance Music? Whats your story?

Funnily my first love of music was Hip Hop, it wasn’t until was into my teens that i got into dance music, i ditched the Hip Hop after discovering Drum and Bass / Rave music and started learning how to mix . It was not until i was at collage that i discovered House Music, a very good friend of mine introduced me and i fell in love with that sound. There was a real heathy club scene that time in the UK and it was not long before i was playing out in the clubs. I never produced back then, to get gigs back then it was not a necessity like it is today, but i did make a few half assed attempts at music collage but my Djing and relentless partying always got in the way, It was not until around 2009 after a break from the industry that i decided to get serious about production, i had just landed a DJ residency with GATECRASHER and i knew i needed to create my own sound to stand out from the rest of the crowd. I started producing under my old alias and Dj name ( Nathan Hadley ) but after a few years of releasing some pretty Sub- Standard music (In the beginning) i decided it was time and beneficial for a rebrand so AKADIAN was born.

What has been your biggest influence in your sound and style?

I have had many influences over the past years but from 2009 – 2011 i was heavily influenced by Laidback Luke, i loved the bootlegs / Originals he was churning out, they were well produced, fresh and they were so diverse. To me they all stood out and took my attention. Calvin Harris and SHM were a big influence at that time too. At the minute i’m really loving what Tom Starr and Kryder are doing but i’m sure in a few months i will have a new producer crush lol. I can take influence from any kind of music i hear in everyday life too, radio / restaurants etc, im loving kisstory on DAB radio at the minute. They are playing tonnes of old dance tracks that i long forgot about but they are really lighting a fire inside me.

How do you maintain your sound when the sound always evolves?

I think an artist should constantly be evolving weather there are changes to the scene or not, my sound 6 months ago i hope would be better than my sound a year or so ago. I kind of grow with my sound as i am always learning and picking up new things.

You just released your new single on Ranhura on Starter Records. What inspired the track?

When i sat down to make RANHURA, a track of mine called GALLANT ( Sony Music ) was doing really well and gaining some ridiculous support, i was so pumped this was doing so well i wanted to make more of this sound, i looked at the elements that really worked with GALLANT, drums / Groove / Bass etc and worked from there. I was really happy with what came out. It took quite a few months to get the right mix down that Mark Mendez was happy with. In fact Mark did the final mix down and master in the end.

Can we expect more tracks from you like Ranhura in the future?

Yes you can i have a few more in the pipeline and another release on December the 7th on Pyro Records, but 2016 you will see some changes and some brand new projects i am working on with other artists. I have been throwing some “Tester” bootlegs out there and the feedback has been incredible.

The EDM scene has been changing rapidly over the last few years, what are your thoughts on the massive explosion in popularity that this style of music has been seeing?

I think its great to see any style catching on but what i have noticed is that certain styles or new Sub Genres become really saturated at an alarming rate, it seems like people just see whats popular and copy that “Trendy sound for now” rather than thinking lets be “trend setter”, Dance music is ever evolving and i think to remain current you as an artist should be ever evolving and never be afraid to try new things. It will always come back round to its grass roots which to me is House Music and its happening right now.

You have been gaining steady momentum over the past couple years what can your fans expect to see from Akadian next?

Fireworks ! No just kidding, like i said before i’m working on some new exciting projects with other artists, playing around with some new exciting sounds. I am also working towards some more exposure in America so watch this space people.

What is some good advice you can give an up and coming/emerging DJ?

Work hard, be professional, be polite, don’t shit on people and never loose sight of where you want to be.