Axwell Speaks on Future of Swedish House Mafia

Axwell Speaks on Future of Swedish House Mafia


Axwell Speaks on Future of Swedish House Mafia: “We Think About Reuniting Every Now and Then”

Radio legend Zane Lowe managed an impressive number of exclusive guests on his Apple Music radio show this week. In addition to speaking to Knife Party about their new Trigger Warning EP, he also spoke with Swedish titan Axwell and premiered his brand-new track.

Of course, Lowe didn’t let the occasion pass by without querying him on the future status of the former DJ/producer supergroup Swedish House Mafia. And surprisingly, Axwell was a little more forthcoming than you’d expect. Lowe asked whether it had crossed his mind for the three of them to bring the act back together, just for the sake of reigniting that triumph again.

“Of course,” Axwell replied swiftly and assuredly. “I think we think about it every now and then. What we left, what we did, what we accomplished and everything, and how it would be to do something together again. But I think that the only thing is that time will tell, pretty much.”

However, Axwell qualified that all three members are fairly happy with what they’re doing at the moment. While Axwell runs his own successful Axetone Records label and has established the wildly successful Axwell Λ Ingrosso partnership with Sebastian Ingrosso in the wake of the Mafia’s demise, third member Steve Angello has just released his passion project Wild Youth.

“We’ve been blessed to be riding this wave, just ahead of the wave for some time, so you know we are able to do exactly what we want, which is a blessing. You know this song that we just played, it was just like no thoughts, no need, no nothing, just music. Who knows what happens in the future—we might get a sudden urge to Swedish House Mafia it up again. You never know.”

Otherwise, Axwell confirmed that his new track Waiting For so Long is dedicated to his wife Gloria, and he says it’s a production that comes “straight from the heart.”

Source: Insomniac