100Tribn X Happy Colors – My Body

100Tribn X Happy Colors – My Body [Track Review]


“100Tribn and Happy Colors give us a taste of EDM on the brink of trance in their new collab “My Body.” Together, they give us an example of what happens when soft moombahton beats shelter thriving trap undertones. The approach is cinematic, but not heavy. Driven, but not unharnessed. All in all, the blend of house, trap, Latin, and electronica influences fall together in a neat nugget of sound that stands on its own.

On early listens, the track resembles soft core house music, progressively upbeat and dance-worthy. But the more it takes us in, the further it pushes us in into a story of tension, suspension, and, finally, a release.

The overarching anthem “my body is your party” propels the piece forward, and just 50 seconds in a shaking beat picks up and drops the sound altogether into an atmosphere of sweet lyrical and electronic tones. “My Body” is unique in its ability to climax into what would normally be a heavy trap drop– but 100Tribn and Happy Colors are craftier than that. After a light release, the song decompresses, leaving listeners thirsty for more of the delicate and skillful sound.